Compare Numbering Methods

Antique Numbering Machine

Letterpress numbering using antique number machines like these required highly trained press operators and took hours to set up a numbering job.

Harvest American offers two PC-based numbering software programs: Number Machine Pro and Number Machine 1.0.

Number Machine Pro has many features not found in our original software, Number Machine 1.0, and revolutionary features that are generations ahead of what a letterpress could do with manual number machines.

Before Number Machine and Number Machine Pro made it possible to print from your desktop, you either had to use manual hand stamps or you had to send the forms out for printing on a letterpress using manual-movement number machines placed in position on forms.  These number machines are limited in font choice and size and you couldn’t change the prefix or number of digits.

It took a highly trained craftsman to operate the letterpress and the process was time-consuming. From setting up the number machines in the form, to having to stop and reset the number machines every time there was a mistake on a sheet, to cleanup, even a simple job took hours and cost a lot of money.

LetterpressOriginal Number MachineNumber Machine Pro
LetterpressOriginal Number MachineNumber Machine Pro
Intuitive user interface makes setup easy
Print and number simultaneously
Allows import of a single page PDF
Place as many different numbers on a page as you wishUp to 8 numbers per pageUp to 16 numbers per pageUp to 1,500 numbers per page
Works with all paper sizes
Can use an unlimited variety of fonts, sizes, prefixes, and colors
Individual numbers can be angled in any direction
Print preview to see how your documents will be numbered
Supports English and Metric measurements
No need for special equipment - just your PC and printer
There is very little wasted paper
Number of digits?4 to 10 digits1 to 9 digits1 to 7 digits
Modifiable prefix?
Modifiable suffix?
Numbering jobs can be saved for easy retrieval for re-runs
Numbers are as crisp and clean as your printer allows