3-Up Receipt Downloadable Template

How to set up a 3-Up receipt book using Number Machine Pro

This sample job is for a book with 1,000 numbered receipts, 3 per 8 1/2″ x 11″ page. This 3-Up receipt book downloadable template can also be used for any 3-up simple consecutive numbering job.

Download 3-Up Receipt Book

  • Start Number is 1
  • Total pages (will actually print 1002 receipts)
  • Ascending order is used because this printer emits the paper face down
  • Step is set to 3, meaning all of the number heads will add 3 to the next sheet
  • Preface is set to the default “No.”
  • Zero Pad is set to 4 since I only need 4 digits for these receipts
  • Head 2’s Seed value is 1
  • Head 3’s Seed value is 2


Note: With Step set to 3, the Master Head on the first page will be No. 0001, the second page it will be No. 0004. If I set Step to 10, the first page would be No. 0001 and the next page would be No. 0011.