How to set up a 1-Up auction card using Number Machine Pro

W1-Up Auction Card Downloadable Templateith auction cards the idea is to get the numerals as large as possible so the auctioneer at the front of the room can easily read the numbers. This downloadable template can also be used for any simple consecutive numbering job.

Download 1-Up Auction Card


  • In this example the Starting Number is set to 9899.
  • To utilize the full length of the 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper we need to rotate the Master Head. To do this, select and change the Rotation value to 90.
  • To change the font size, click on the Font button. In the font window, you can type any value directly into the font Size window even if it isn’t in the drop down menu. In this case, our font is set to 250.


1-up Auction Card Downloadable Template