A form that you are numbering 2-up needs numbers in two positions.

2-Up Form for Number Machine Set the heads

To accomplish this you first need to set your 2 numbering heads by entering coordinates in the Inches from the Left column and Inches from the Top column. In this example, our values for Left and Right are 7 and 0.75, 7 and 6.25.

How many characters?

You can determine how many characters will be printed by setting the quantity in theNumber of Characters column. In this example we use 5.

What’s your preference for preface?

Any preface can be printed just prior to printing the actual number. Or, you can choose to have no preface at all by selecting (none) from the drop-down menu in the Preface column.

Make the 2nd number higher

We need to split the run so that the first half of the numbers will be on the top form and the second half will finish on the bottom form. This is where the Add to First Number column comes in handy.

If our finished quantity is 1000 forms, then when running 2-up that’s 500 sheets. Then the top form should be numbered from 1 to 500 and then bottom 501 to 1000. The starting number on the bottom form of 501 is exactly 500 higher than the number on the top half. Enter 500 in the Add to First Number column so the program will respond appropriately.

Set your Starting Number and Ending Number and away you go. In this sample we use a printer that stacks face up, therefore we wish to number in reverse. This is required so the first numbers finish up on the top of the stack. For reverse numbering click the button next to the word Descending in the lower right corner of the screen.

When you’re finished your settings should look similar to the screen below.Sample 2-Up Form