2-Up Auction Card SampleWith 2-up auction cards, the idea is to get the numerals as large as possible so the auctioneer at the front of the room can make out the numbers without squinting too much.

Pictured below is an auction card sample being run 2-up. The finished size will be 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 after cutting in two from the 8-1/2 x 11 card.

Remember: With number machine you can print numbers as large as your printer can handle and it will print on paper as large as your printer will feed.

Set the heads
In our example we need 2 numbering heads. I placed them 0.5 of an inch from the left and 0.5 inches from the top. We only want 2 characters showing. The preface is (none).

Select a font
Most fonts were designed for smaller text and not big display so they are usually quite qide. If you want large tall numerals you should select a condensed face.

Even though font point sizes only go up to 72 using the pull down control, you can type in whatever point size you desire. 400 point is a good starting number. You can adjust as necessary from there.

Select the numbers
We are going to make a set of 100 cards. Because we are running them 2-up we only need 50 sheets of card stock. Select the starting number as 1 and ending at 50. That takes care of the numbers for numbering head position 1. To make numbering head position 2 count from 51 to 100 type 50 in the Add To First Number column of position 2. This tells the computer to add 50 on to whatever is being printed in position 1.

Save The Format
Once you get the settings just the way you want them, pull down on the File Menu and save your format. This ensures that the next time you wish to print Auction Cards you only need to load the format and run.2-Up Sample Auction Card