Instructions on how to use the original Number Machine program and sample job formats


In this section we will show you how to use the Number Machine interface to handle some common numbering jobs.
Original Number Machine User InterfaceWith Number Machine 1.0 you can have up to 16 number heads in one print run. These heads will have the same rotation – either portrait or landscape. If you wish to print some heads at a different angle it will require a second pass through the printer.
Each head needs its coordinates set using the columns “Inches from Left” and “Inches from Top”.
You will then decide how many characters you want for each individual head and the Preface for each.
The “Add to First Number” is where you set the seed value for each head.
The Font Change column allows you to set the font settings for each head. You can change the font type, style, size and color individually.
The right hand column is where you set the Starting Number, Ending Number, Step, Copies and Ascending or Descending.  We will talk more about these settings in each sample.
Across the bottom of the columns are buttons which will copy the settings of the first head for every position.
Number Machine Print SettingsBefore you send an entire job to your printer, it is recommended that you print out a single page and make sure the numbers are printing out as expected. If they need a little adjustment, go to File/Print Setup and you can nudge the print placement horizontally or vertically as needed. (Every printer is a little different).

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