Number Machine Pro can be set up to print to any size paper that your printer can handle. You need to be familiar with your printer’s minimum margins, however, as most printers cannot print within a certain distance of the edge of the paper. If portions of your PDF get cut off, you might be printing outside of your printer’s allowable margins.

Printer margins vary by brand, but a standard safe border area is usually between 3/8” to 1/4″. Make sure to leave plenty of border margin space when you are setting up your PDF file, and print a test copy directly from your PDF to make sure your job fits within the maximum print area and is nicely centered before you import the PDF into Number Machine Pro.

We do not recommend scaling an imported PDF as this could create unexpected results and poor margin performance.

If you’ve confirmed that your PDF is the correct size without scaling and that your page margins are within your printer’s tolerances, but you are still experiencing problems – such as the edge of the job being cut off, we suggest you print fewer-up per sheet and select a smaller page size.

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