Can I change the No. prefix?

Yes. You can change the prefix to anything you wish.

You can also turn off the feature and have no prefix at all. The prefix will remain the same on a single numbering head throughout the numbering run. You can have a different prefix on each number head.

You may also add a suffix to the end of a number if you desire.Change the prefix

Can One Numbering Head Be Horizontal While Another Is Rotated Vertically?

Yes, you can place as many numbering heads as you wish on a single job and each can be set to a different angle using the rotation feature. Just select the numbering head you wish to angle, select a rotation from the pull down menu or type in any number manually. If you don’t like how a numbering head is rotated, just select that head and change the rotation setting back to horizontal.


How large can I make the font on the numbers?

A: Any size

Number Machine Pro uses your Windows’ system fonts and font controls to handle the text of your numbers.

You can make the number as large as your page size and printer will allow. You can use the Font control’s slider to change font size or you can simply type any number under Size, click OK, and the

Font size