Uninstallation proceedure

1. If you wish to uninstall Number Machine Pro from your computer, just go to your Windows Control Panel and find Programs and Features: Uninstall a Program.”

2. Find Number Machine Pro by publisher Harvest American in the list of programs. Click “Uninstall”Uninstall Number Machine Pro

3. Click “Yes” when asked “Are you sure you want to uninstall Number Machine Pro?”. Number Machine Pro will now uninstall completely from your system and, if registered, your registration key will no longer be valid for use.Uninstall Programs And Features

4. If you wish to reinstall Number Machine Pro on another machine and re-activate a license, you must call our offices at 1-888-680-2813 or fill out our Contact Form so that we can reset your registration and send you a new registration key.

If at any time you are having trouble you may call our toll free number for service. We also respond quickly to e-mail: service@harvestamerican.com.