Master Number Head SetupMaster Head Default

Each new job starts out with a single number head called the Master Head. It defaults to No. 00001 in Times New Roman Bold 16pt. black.Number head

You may add up to 1,500 heads per page and change them each individually. To save time and promote consistency, you can also set all of the values of the Master Head and then copy and paste it to create as many identically formatted heads as your project requires.Number head font

Note: You may select all number heads at the same time with Ctrl+A or by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the heads you want to make global changes to.



RNumber Head Rotationotation

Next, choose the Rotation. You have the option to rotate the number heads 360 degrees individually or as a group.

Note: You can set each number head individually or copy and paste them so they are all the same style.


X Pos and Y PosX Pos and Y Pos

X and Y positions are valuable in allowing you to position your number heads accurately in comparison to just using your eyes and mouse.

The X Pos is the distance from the left side of the page to the top left corner of the number head. The Y Pos is the vertical position from the top of the page. You can either drag and drop the Master Head to the desired position or type in a numeric value for greater precision.

Preface and Suffix

Now, decide what characters or numerals, if any, you’d like to have before and after the changing number. The Preface defaults to No., but can be changed to anything you want. The Suffix comes after the numbers. You can turn these off if you would like.

Once set for each individual head, the Preface and Suffix are static and do not count up or down.

Note: The Preface and Suffix numbers/digits can be unique for each number head, but once set do not count up or down.

Zero PadZero Pad

The Zero Pad setting allows you to choose how many leading zeros you’d like. This is important if you will be numbering several hundred or thousand pages. If you uncheck the Zero Pad, the job will print however many digits are required. You can override that by entering any number up to 7 digits.

Add space …No Prefix Space

Add Prefix Space

By checking the “Add space after preface” or “Add space before suffix” buttons you can elect to insert a blank space.


Field Description

This area provides a brief description of any highlighted field to help you understand its usage.


The Seed value is key to setting up your numbering jobs. The Seed Value adds to the Start Number of the Master Head and needs to be set individually for each additional head.

Note: The Master Head is based on the Start Number. You cannot edit the Seed value on that head.

Seed Value

Example: Let’s say you want to number 1 – 1000 and you are printing 4-up per sheet. Start Number would be 1 and Total Pages would be set to 250. Head 2 Seed would be set to 250, Head 3 Seed would be 500, and Head 4 would be set to 750. You can double check to make sure you have the Seed set correctly by clicking on Descending order. You will then see the highest number to be printed on the last head.

Field Description

This area provides a brief description of any highlighted field to help you understand its usage.


Note: 9,999,999 is the highest number this program can print