After installing Number Machine Pro, you have the option to build a new numbering job from scratch or you may open a saved job or download one of the saved sample job templates.

In this sample we will demonstrate how to build a job from scratch. Start by double clicking on the desktop icon to open a blank template.

Master Head Overview

The design area will be blank except for the Master Head which will be set by default to No. 00001. Master Head Default

You could set up the numbering heads first, but I find it easier to import the PDF I want to number and place the number heads afterwards.

Import numbering job PDF

Go to File/Import PDF. You will be shown a warning message saying “Importing a PDF might reset the project settings. Do you want to save the current project?”

Make your selection and you will be brought to the Open dialogue box where you will select the PDF you wish to import.

Note: You can number without importing a PDF.

Importing a PDF

Import PDF SettingsThe Import PDF dialogue is where you will make some numbering job decisions based on the PDF you are importing.

Number Machine Pro (NMP) will only allow you to import one PDF at a time. Under Page Selection you have the option to choose which page you’d like to import if the PDF has more than one page. You can change the number by typing it in manually. This area will be grayed out if the PDF has only one page (recommended).

Page Size will tell you the width and height of the PDF you have selected and report it to you. In the sample case shown here the size of the PDF I am importing is 17 “ wide by 11” tall. I am given the choice to accept the size and reset my Number Machine Pro job settings to match the PDF or to resize the PDF to the size of the job I’ve started. The blank template defaults to 8-1/2” x 11”. This setting is generally not recommended because in this case, it will shrink the PDF disproportionately and make the 17” dimension fit within the 8-1/2” and seriously distort the job.

It is recommended that you create the PDF to the final dimensions you wish the job to print to avoid these types of problems.

Note: You may only upload one PDF at a time.
If you want to print different text on each sheet, such as with multi-part carbonless forms, you would need to print each separately and collate the sets afterwards.

Changing the numbering job size

New TemplateYou may set the job size prior to importing a PDF. Just go to File/New and select a standard or custom paper size, or you can set the job to take its size readings from the PDF prior to importing.

You can also change the orientation here to Portrait or Landscape.

Note: NMP can print to any dimension your printer will allow.