Now is the time to make some critical decisions regarding your sequential numbering job. This section will show you how to set up your sequential numbering job by adjusting the start number, total pages, step, copies, skip and ascending or descending settings.

  1. Start Number: What number do you want to start on?
  2. Total Pages: How many of each form do you have on the single page: 1-up, 2-up, more?
  3. Step: Do you need to jump numbers, like #1 then next is #3?
  4. Copies: Do you need more than one copy of an identical number, such as with carbonless forms?
  5. Skip: Do you need to insert sheets with no printing?
  6. Ascending or Descending: Does your printer eject the paper face up or face down? What number do you want to be on the top of the stack when the job is finished, the first number or the last?

Number settings

Note: Changes to the numbering settings are global. They affect all of the number heads.

Start Numbersequential numbering

The Start Number allows you to choose what value to set the Master Head. The design area will show this value for the Master Head when the numbering direction is set to Ascending. If the numbering direction is set to Descending, you will not see the start value, but rather the ending value that is calculated for you.


Note: Start Number will always be the lowest number in the print run regardless of ascending or descending order.


Total Pages

The Total Pages value will be determined by how many sheets of paper you will be running through your printer. This number will be divided by however many “up” you are running in the job:

Total Pages Setting

Note: The Total Pages value will match the Print/Print Range value.


Ascending and Descending

The Ascending and Descending buttons allow you to control the way the sequential numbers are printed out on the page.

If Ascending is selected, the Master Head number will increase from the Start Number to the Total Pages value.

If Descending is selected, the printed numbering sequence will decrease starting from the Total Pages value to the Start Number.

The design window will show the final calculated number in the sequence.

StepNumbering With Step

For every printed page each numbering head is incremented by the Step value. Step allows you to print consecutive numbers (1, 2, 3, 4) on the first page and start the sequential numbering where you left off on the next page (5, 6, 7, 8).


CopiesNumbering Copies

The Copy value can be used for multi-part forms or any time you want duplicate numbers on more than one page. If you enter a value of 2 you will get 2 pages with the same numbers repeated.



SkipSkip Numbers

The Skip value will cause the program to print blank pages. Pages are skipped in succession, so if 1 is entered the first page will print the number heads and any PDF that is present while the next page will be totally blank and the 3rd page will print the next set of numbers. If you enter a value of 2, 2 pages will print and then 2 blank pages will come out.

Print Preview Mode

Note: Use Print Preview in Two Page mode to inspect your numbering settings and make adjustments as needed.